Program Requirements

If you are pursuing a master’s in computer information systems, you must meet the below requirements to be eligible for graduation. It is a 36-hour program that can be completed in two years.

Degree requirements (minimum 36 hrs)

The Master of Science in Computer Information Systems is a 36 credit-hour program.  Course loads are nine hours per semester for four semesters.  Students must complete a minimum of ten courses (30 credit hours) in the MS in CIS degree program as part of the residence requirement.  Up to 6 semester hours of graduate work can be transferred from another accredited graduate school and applied to the MS in CIS degree requirements. All transfer credit must be approved by the Program Director.  Typical course sequence and course loads are as follows:

MS CIS course offerings up to 36 credit hours:

Course Code Course Title
CIS 660 Fundamentals of Cybersecurity
CIS 732 Strategic IT Planning
CIS 734 Staffing the Information Systems Function
CIS 738 Information System Project Management
CIS 744 Information System Management
CIS 742 Management of End User Computing
CIS 740 Comparative Systems Development Methodology
CIS 746 Data Management
CIS 747 IT Legal Issues
CIS 748 Principles of Information Security
CIS 750 IT Sourcing and Procurement
CIS 752 Behavioral and Leadership in IT
CIS 754 Organizational Transformation
CIS 756 Special Topics in Information Systems
CIS 765 Computer Forensics


Research projects with oral or written reports may be required in any graduate CIS course. Significant professional research components are included in many courses.